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We live in a time of far-reaching change. Globalisation, new digital technologies and new means of communication are revolutionising how we approach production and consumption, changing our attitudes to work, and modifying the way we process information and spread knowledge. Not to mention climate change, migration crises, and security shocks, which all make this world in transition, where our traditional bearings are being lost, a threat with political ramifications.

The rise of populism and the rejection of the dominant models – democracy, liberal capitalism, multilateralism – are forging a more unstable, more complex geopolitical landscape, one where balances of power are expressed more aggressively. This period of deconstruction heralds a new world, a fast-changing world offering new opportunities, and one where economic and societal models will need to be invented anew.

The experts at Crédit Agricole’s Economic Research unit are at your service to help you better grasp the meaning of these upheavals and the challenges they bring.

Isabelle Job-Bazille, Credit Agricole S.A.
Chief Economist - Head of Economic Research Department